The OGS Campus

The rural campus of Oxford Graduate School at Crystal Springs (Dayton), TN consists of forty-five acres and seven buildings: the administrative office building and classroom, the Oxford Lodge dormitory, the Weir Memorial Chapel and Institute Centre, the William O. Green Study Centre (library) and Parks Hall, the Gathering Place (cafeteria), and a housing unit.

OGS Campus

A History of Our Campus Development

Between 1988 and 1996, the campus underwent a series of developments including campus roads, Green Oaks Park, footpaths, parking, and the Oxford Operations Centre (1988). The Operations Centre houses the Institutional Administration, Academic Management, and Educational Support Services. Other buildings on campus include the Oxford Lodge, a three-story dormitory for facility and students (1989), the Weir Memorial Chapel/Institute Centre, the William O. Green Study Centre (1992), and Parks Hall (1994). The Oxford Graduate School Library is housed in the Study Centre with twenty-four hour key-access for matriculated students.

Between 1997 and 2000, campus development consisted of the remodeling of the Study Centre (1997) to accommodate more volumes and reading rooms, and the construction of The Gathering Place across from Green Oaks Park (October 1997). The Gathering Place is a cafeteria and campus activity building.

Plans for expansion are underway for a new technology center addition to the William O. Green Study Centre and The Lion and Eagle Refectory, a campus hospitality and student center.

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